Source: “Law on State Survey and Cadastre” and Monograph “20 years of the RGA”


By passing the Law on State Survey and Cadastre and Property Rights Registration ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 83/92), which entered into force on November 20th, 1992, the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA), as a legal successor of the Republic Geodetic Administration, took over all municipal geodetic administrations, the geodetic administration of the city of Belgrade and the provincial geodetic administration, thus 1992 could be considered the year when the RGA started operating with today's form of interior organization.

20 years ago, the RGA was formed as a special republic organization for conducting professional geodetic and administrative tasks in the field of state survey, land cadastre, real estate and utility cadastre; still operating 20 years thereafter, under the same  form of organization, as a state body, with a number of new competences.

The Republic Geodetic Authority – RGA, is a special organization that carries out professional affairs and affairs of public administration related to state survey, real estate cadastre, utility cadastre, basic geodetic works, address register, topographic and cartographic activities, property valuation, geodetic and cadastral information system and the National Spatial Data Infrastructure and geodetic works in engineering-technical fields.

The Republic Geodetic Authority (hereinafter: the RGA) performs the activities from its scope of work in the headquarters and at other location. The headquarters of the RGA is in Belgrade.

  • Scope of work of the RGA covers geodetic works and public administration affairs pertaining to:
  • Basic geodetic works;
  • Cadastral and land consolidation survey;
  • Establishment, renewal and maintenance of the real estate cadastre;
  • Utility survey, establishment and maintenance of the utility cadastre;
  • Professional supervision of geodetic works;
  • Issuing and revoking licenses for surveying company operation;
  • Issuing and revoking geodetic licenses;
  • Issuing and revoking permits for aerial acquisition over the territory of the Republic of Serbia for the purposes of state survey;
  • Address registry;
  • Maintenance of the administrative units registry;
  • State border survey and state border registry maintenance;
  • Cadastral classification and soil fertility evaluation;
  • Cadastral revenue calculation;
  • Property valuation and maintenance of value registry;
  • Remote sensing, topographic survey and topographic-cartographic activities;
  • Publishing cartographic and other publications and issuing consent for publishing cartographic publications;
  • Maintaining register of geographic names and nominating members of the Committee for Geographic Names Standardization for the Government’s consideration;
  • Establishing, maintaining and disposal of the geodetic-cadastral information system;
  • Maintaining the archive of documents pertaining to state survey, real estate cadastre, utility cadastre and topographic-cartographic activities;
  • Participating in the establishment and maintenance of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure;
  • Inspection supervision of the surveying companies’ operation;
  • Validation of geodetic base maps in engineering-technical fields;
  • Rendering services from the RGA’s scope of work within the international cooperation;
  • Geomagnetism;
  • Aeronomy.

The resolutions in the administrative affairs pertaining to the state survey, establishment and renewal of the real estate cadastre, establishment of the utility cadastre and their maintenance are issued by:

  • For the first instance: lower level unit of the RGA established for the territory of a municipality, city or city municipality – local real estate cadastre office;
  • For the second instance: the RGA.