SPATIAL – Strengthening Professional Access to the Information about the Land

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has allocated through the Matra program funding of over half a million euros for the SPATIAL donors projejct that will be implemented in the countries of the West Balkans, with a special focus on the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia. The objective of the projects is to strengthen the professional access to land information. The focus of the project will be on the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, the purpose of which is to provide access to spatial information of importance for decision-making in emergency situations, when it is necessary to know, for example, the number of people affected by fire, or during regular activities of planning the expansion of industrial zones or urban settlements, etc., in one place and in a modern and efficient manner.

Dutch experts will also provide assistance in developing a model for property mass valuation and work with the colleagues from the Republic Geodetic Authority to increase understanding of the concept of open data. "Open Data" is also a hot topic at the global level, since the very significant impact of this concept on the economic development of the state and society is known; however, it is difficult to create a balance between the need for geospatial data to be freely available to the general public, and above all to all levels of public administration, and high cost of production of reliable and up-to-date geospatial data.

In cooperation with colleagues from the Netherlands, the focus will be on familiarizing the public with the key registers maintained by the RGA, such as the address register, the real estate cadastre, the utility cadastre , the register of property prices and their connection with the key registers of the Republic of Serbia in order to establish an efficient public administration, in which the Netherlands is the best in Europe. The data from the records managed by the RGA have a direct impact on the daily life of the individual, since each of us must have a personal ID with the exact address of the dwelling and house number, to the importance that our property rights are guaranteed, and the value of our property is appropriately assessed. The project will also focus on familiarizing with the contemporary trends in 3D cadastre development.

Matra is the most important program of the Dutch government that supports the countries of Southeast Europe on their way to the European Union. The name of the program itself derives from the Dutch words whose meaning is "social transformation". The overall objective of the Matra program is further development of a plural democracy based on the rule of law with the room provided for dialogue between government and civil society, capacity building and strengthening of civil society and governmental institutions, as well as strengthening bilateral relations.

The project will continue the previous cooperation between the Netherlands and Macedonia and an initiative will be launched for the Dutch experts in other countries of the region to get acquainted with the current institutional framework in the domain of land administration.