The basic work of the Department is financial management and control. At the beginning of each calendar year, the Department carries out the work of drafting a budget proposal for financing the activities of the RGA in the coming year for the purposes of adopting the Budget Law. After the adoption of the Budget Law, in accordance with the approved financial resources, the Department prepares a proposal for a financial plan.

Work of the Department It is organized through the following organizational units:

  • Section for accounting, budgeting and reporting;
  • Section for payroll, other personal revenues and execution of expenditures;
  • Group for internal financial control.

The tasks of the Department are divided in such a way that the work tasks related to the affairs of preparing, certifying and approving financial transactions are carried out by various officials and this establishes a standard in the control of financial operations.

The Group for Internal Financial Control provides additional assurances to the business decision makers that are related to the risks for the realization of financial transactions and acts towards the prevention of misconduct in financial operations.