The Department for Project Monitoring, Analytics and Work Performance Monitoring in line with the methodology established monitors the overall work of the Republic Geodetic Authority system and thus participates in the preparation of the Annual Work Plan. The basis for the preparation of the Plan is monitoring the implementation of the Action Plan of the Strategy of Measures and Activities for Improving the Quality of Services in the Field of Geospatial Data and Registration of Property Rights in the Official State Records. The Department regularly collects, analyzes and processes data as the basis for reporting on the achieved results and provides constant support to organizational unit managers for the purposes of improving the tasks within their competence. The Department remedies obstacles in the implementation of set goals. Recommendations for overcoming the resulting problems are provided on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis or more often, upon the request of the Director of the Republic Geodetic Authority. The reports with detailed data, analysis and recommendation are submitted to the Director of the RGA, assistant directors and, if necessary, the relevant ministries and the Cabinet of the Prime Minister.

One of the basic tasks of the Department are current and future projects, primarily those related to electronic administration, to assure successful and quality implementation through timely and good preparation and coordination of all stakeholders. The realization of the World Bank project "Real Estate Management Project in Serbia" is underway. The objective of the project is to improve the efficiency, transparency, availability and reliability of the real estate management system in the Republic of Serbia.

The Department works closely with the Sector for Strategic Development. Cooperation with the Sector for Real Estate Cadastre is also important, with the aim of speeding up the registration of property rights, and resolving all the appeals in the first instance procedure.

The Department supervises the Customers Satisfaction Survey. The previous Survey has shown that the perception of RGA’ services and its reputation has improved in recent years, due to data digitization, greater access to information via the Internet and the opening of new municipal cadastres.