Cost of property registration

Under the Doing Business report for 2019, the property conveyance costs are measured for each individual step under the following scenario:





The buyer and seller are local limited liability companies located in Belgrade.

They are owned by private nationals (no foreign or state ownership) and perform general commercial activities.

Both companies are formally registered in the Business Registers Agency and have a Tax ID.


The property consists of land measuring 557.4 square meters and a 2-story building (warehouse) with a total surface area of 929 square meters.

The value of property is estimated at RSD 29,571,477.12 (equivalent to 259,000.00) equal to 50 times income per capita.

The property is registered in the land registry; it is free of title disputes and has no mortgage attached to it.

The seller company has owned the property for the past 10 years.


The seller company has accepted the buyer company’s offer to purchase the property.

• The parties will undertake every procedure that is officially required or needed in practice to transfer the ownership of the property.

The new Law on Procedure of Registration in the Real Estate Cadastre and Utility Cadastre was promulgated in May 2018, and is being used since July 1st, 2018. After promulgation of the new legislation for registration in the cadastre, citizens and businesses are provided with the registration by a single visit to the notary public (single step), and the registration cost was cut. The table below gives a comparative analysis




COST July 1st, 2017 to June 31st, 2018

COST July 1st, 2018 to June 31st, 2019

Procedure 1

Obtain the extract from the Business Registers Agency

Procedure is abolished


RSD  1,700 per extract/company


Procedure 2

Prepare the property sale contract

This procedure remains


RSD 66000

RSD 48240

Procedure 3

Submit request for registration to the Republic Geodetic Authority

Procedure is abolished


RSD 5000

Cost is paid after registration

Procedure 4

Submit application to tax authorities for taxation

Procedure is abolished




Procedure 5

Pay the transfer tax

Procedure is abolished


RSD 739,286.93

Cost is paid after registration

Procedure 6

Cadastre issues the decision on the property title

Procedure is abolished


RSD 660

Cost is paid after registration

Total RSD before registration

RSD 73,360

RSD 48,240