Sector for Geodetic Affairs

The Sector for Geodetic Affairs performs tasks of establishing and maintaining state reference networks and surfaces, implementation of coordinate systems, state survey, maintenance of border stones and border lines at state borders, cadastral classification and soil fertility evaluation and land consolidation valuation, development of topographic and cartographic products, maintaining the Register of Geographic Names and the State Border Registry, inspection supervision and issuing consent for publishing cartographic publications and activities in the field of geomagnetism and aeronomy.

The sector operates through five lower level organizational units:

  1. Department for Basic Geodetic Works;
  2. Department for Operative State Survey Works;
  3. Department for Cartography;
  4. Department for Topography;
  5. Center for Geomagnetism and Aeronomy "Milutin Milanković".


The Sector for Geodetic Affairs provides all users with the following services and products:

  • RTK services of the permanent GNSS network stations at the daily, monthly and annual level;

  • RINEX files from the permanent GNSS network stations for post-processing;

  • RTK services of the permanent GNSS network stations for navigation of agricultural and construction machinery;

  • Issuing of data on points of geodetic base: spatial, position, height and gravimetric;

  • Transformation of coordinates between ETRS89 and GK7 systems - using GRIDER software;

  • Professional training in the field of application of GNSS technology;

  • Determining the changes in cadastral land culture;

  • Issuing aerial images;

  • Issuing a digital orthophoto produced from the aerial photogrammetric data;

  • Issuing digital terrain model data based on aerial photogrammetric data recording or LiDAR scanning;

  • Data publishing of the Basic Topographic Model (3D vector data);

  • Issuing of Basic State Map for the scale of 1: 5 000 and 1: 10,000;

  • Topographic map issuance 1: 20 000 and 1: 250 000;

  • Publishing the Register of Geographic Names;

  • Issuing of vector topographic data for a scale of 1: 250 000;

  • Issuing overview and thematic maps (tourist, transportation, national parks, protected natural assets, hiking maps and maps on other topics); physical-geographic maps of the territory of the Republic of Serbia, the world, continents and parts of the continents; atlas; catalog of maps; wall-mounted maps (physical-geographical, political and historical);

  • Inspection supervision of legal entities publishing cartographic publications;

  • Issuing the consent in the procedure of publishing cartographic publications (if a publication was created by a foreign company, the request for approval is submitted through the publishing house registered in Serbia);

  • Producing maps upon the request of legal and natural persons in analogue and digital form.


The Sector for Geodetic Affairs provides the following services and products to the public administration and local government organs:

  • Design and implementation of the geodetic base for the purposes of the state survey;

  • Geodetic surveying of details for the purposes of the state, cadastral and topographic survey;

  • Demarcation, designation and restoring border points and the state border survey;

  • Keeping the Register of State Border;

  • Realization of projects in the process of land consolidation, cadastral classification and soil fertility evaluation;

  • Calculation of cadastral revenue;

  • Geodetic expertise in administrative procedures and administrative disputes;

  • Issuing products developed using the methods of remote sensing: Maps of natural disasters, Agricultural Land Cover Maps, Basic Land Cover Maps and Biophysical Parameters Map;

  • Issuing satellite imagery and mosaics produced from satellite imagery;

  • Observatory, laboratory and field measurements and tests in the field of geomagnetism and aeronomy;

  • Realization of geomagnetic, seismic-magnetic and geoelectromagnetic survey, as well as paleomagnetic measurements and tests;

  • Creation of geomagnetic maps of the Reference geomagnetic field of the Republic of Serbia;

  • Production of maps of the seismic-magnetic survey of seismically active areas of Kopaonik and Rudnik;

  • Creation of electromagnetic survey maps;

  • Development of the ionospheric parameters forecast for the establishment and maintenance of the short-wave radio systems;

  • Issuing Geomagnetic Data: Results of Observatory Geomagnetic Measurements from 1957 to 2017;

  • Issuing of Geoelectromagnetic Data: Results of Observatory Geoelectric and Electromagnetic Measurements from 1960 to 2017;

  • Publishing of Ionosphere data: Results of ionospheric and magnetospheric measurements from 1970 to 2017;

  • Publishing Paleomagnetic Data: Results of paleomagnetic measurements and tests over the period from 1965 to 2017, at the territory of the Republic of Serbia;

  • Publishing: Geomagnetic Yearbooks, Geoelectric Yearbooks, Ionosphere Bulletins, both analog and digital database.