The Center for Geospatial Data Management contributes to the development of the geosector in Serbia and the sustainability of the strategic goals of the Republic Geodetic Authority over an extended period. The Center will facilitate the use of the potentials of geospatial data in their full capacity, constant improvement of the business of institutions where geospatial data of importance for carrying out the activities within their competencies, and contribute to the concrete development of private entrepreneurship. The Center will also accelerate the European integration of the Republic of Serbia, improve cooperation between institutions and states, and enable the country to keep the pace of technological innovations and experiences in the world.

Four organizational units were formed within the Center:

  1.     Section for Product and Service Development
  2.     Section for Analytics
  3.     Section for Methodology and Business Processes
  4.     Section for National Spatial Data Infrastructure, with two organizational units:
  • Group for Cooperation and the NSDI Technical Development
  • Group for Standardization and the NSDI legal framework

The main function of the Center is to discover and provide the optimal solutions for management of geospatial data within the NSDI. Using the available spatial and other data, services and the latest technological solutions, the Center shall discover and propose decisions to the greatest possible extent prepare and organize training sessions and workshops for interested institutions in the country and the region.

The Center shall work closely with the businesses, scientific-educational institutions and the public sector and create a better business environment. Within the Center, highly qualified and trained specialists shall work to maximize the availability and use of geodata and information that yield savings in providing data and services and reducing administrative costs. The Center shall also be working on improving inter-institutional cooperation at the national and regional levels.

The development of national capacities in the geosector, coordination and cooperation between all stakeholders at all levels, strengthening cooperation with the private sector, educational institutions and relevant professions, encouraging innovation and research are important challenges for the Center. The trend for making daily decisions based on current spatial information in the world as well as in Serbia is rapidly increasing. Therefore, the establishment of the Center for Geospatial Data Management as a coordinator in the realization of the necessary activities represents a professional milestone in the geosector.