The Sector carries out tasks related to: development, design and implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) for the purposes of the RGA; development and implementation of ICT strategy; supporting the implementation and maintenance of the geodetic-cadastral information system according to the defined principles; monitoring the development of ICT’s and preparing proposals for their implementation; managing, developing and maintaining the architecture and structure of data within the competence of the RGA; participation in the design of information systems (IS) for the purposes of the RGA; implementation of modern ICT for data administration, development and maintenance of information systems; maintenance of the information system of the real estate cadastre; generating and distributing reports at the request of users from the real estate cadastre databases; management and development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) including update of the NSDI establishment strategy and implementation of the action plan; development and management of national geoportals; harmonization with international standards and recommendations in the field of ICT and geoinformation; managing and maintaining the computer network of the RGA and connecting with other public administration bodies towards the implementation of the eGovernment project; maintenance of the website of the RGA; development and maintenance of WEB applications and services of the RGA; proposing procedures for controlling the quality and security of data and systems and the application of adopted procedures; monitoring of contemporary trends in ICT development and geoinformation; preparation of a procurement plan proposal and specification for procurement of computer and communication equipment; updating the database on the computer equipment of the RGA; direct business communication and cooperation with the local real estate cadastre offices in the fields from the scope of work of the Sector; participation in realization of international and donor projects; participation in the preparation of expert bases for the drafting of laws and proposals of by-law acts from the scope of work of the Sector; participation in the development of the mid-term program of the RGA's work; development of the Sector's work plan and monitoring its implementation.

The following lower level units are formed in the Sector:

  1. Department for IT Support;
  2. Department for Geodetic Information System;
  3. Department for Development and Application of Information Technologies.