The Sector carries out the following tasks: preparation and proposal of acts in the field of strategic planning for the purpose of the operation of the Republic Geodetic Authority, human resources management and internal and external communication; keeping of personnel and other records; drafting individual acts in the field of labor and legal relations in order to realize the rights and obligations of employees from labor law; planning and realization of the complete employment cycle; career guidance in accordance with the needs of the RGA; training of employees according to the requirements of other Sectors; creation of objectives according to the Strategy and the estimated development of the RGA; creation of work procedures, their implementation and control in all sectors; establishing a performance monitoring system and evaluating the work of employees; preparation of acts for conducting disciplinary proceedings; proposing measures for improving the work process using human resources; internal and external information and communication; creation of PR services (public relations services) and realization of positive public image through public relations strategy; monitoring and control of the implementation of the work plan of the RGA; monitoring and proposing the implementation of new technology from the scope of work of the RGA; participation in the development of strategic documents of the RGA; participation in the preparation of expert bases for the drafting of laws and proposals of by-law acts from the scope of work of the RGA; cooperation with other internal units of the RGA towards meeting the tasks, participation in realization of international and donor projects; participation in the development of the mid-term program of the RGA's work; development of the work plan of the Sector and monitoring of its realization.

Lower level units are formed in the Sector:

  1. Human Resources Department;
  2. Department for Strategic Planning, Information and Cooperation;
  3. Archive Department.