The Sector for Supervision and Control monitors the status of the land administration within the scope of work of the RGA and cooperates with other bodies in order to improve the land registration in the field of ​​state survey, real estate cadastre and utility cadastre. The Sector performs tasks that control the implementation of the work processes in order to determine whether the business processes in the RGA are conducted in accordance with internal acts and procedures. The Sector also implements inspection supervision over surveying companies, issues and revokes geodetic licenses and licenses for the operation of surveying companies.

The sector performs its activities through four lower level internal units:

  1. Department for Professional Supervision;
  2. Department for Inspection Supervision;
  3. Section for Administrative Affairs Supervision;
  4. Unit for Internal Control
Department for Professional Supervision and Section for Administrative Affairs Supervision

Professional supervision in the field of ​​state survey is carried out by the Section for Professional Supervision of State Survey, which operates within the Department of Professional Supervision, and is carried out at the request of a local government unit, as an investor of works on the cadastral survey of the construction zone, that is, on the regulation of the land territory through the land consolidation procedure. The work involves continuous cooperation with the local government unit, commission for land consolidation, surveying company that carries out works, as well as cooperation with the ministry responsible for agriculture. In addition to quality control and application of regulations in carrying out geodetic works in the area of ​​state survey, professional supervision monitors and controls the legal, targeted and cost-effective spending of budgetary funds through the validation of financial statements of investment works on a national scale.

Due to the rapid digitization of data in the Republic Geodetic Authority, the Department continuously monitors the establishment, maintenance of distribution and protection of databases of the real estate cadastre, the digital cadastral map and the utility cadastre.

The Department for Professional Supervision, through the Section for Professional Cadastre Supervision, in cooperation with the Section of Supervision of Administrative Affairs, performs professional and administrative supervision over the establishment, renewal and maintenance of the real estate cadastre. Through this procedure, supervision is carried out in the individual procedures according to the requests of the parties, and upon appeals, complaints and submissions regarding the operation of a local office.

A significant number of requests sent to the Sector for Supervision and Control are related to giving expert opinions and providing professional assistance to the internal units of the RGA in the field of state survey, real estate cadastre and utility cadastre of lines in order to provide for uniform operation.

Additionally, reports are prepared at the request of other bodies (Government of the RoS, Ministries, Ombudsman, Prosecution, MoI and others) within the framework of professional supervision and supervision over administrative affairs.

Section for Inspection Supervision

Inspection supervision is carried out in accordance with the Law on State Survey and Cadastre, the Law on Inspection Supervision and the Law on Misdemeanors.

In addition to the supervision, surveying companies are being provided expert and advisory assistance, which refers to the application of regulations.

The Section manages the Register of Surveying Companies Licenses and the Register of Geodetic Licenses, and performs all administrative technical tasks related to the geodetic licenses.

Unit for Internal Control

Within its jurisdiction, the Unit deals with applications filed due to non-compliance with the law and other by-laws and internal regulations, as well as upon forwarded information on complaints lodged regarding the work of employees from local offices that are in direct communication with the users of the services of the RGA. The unit is authorized to impose an emergency measure in accordance with the law and internal acts, as well as to file an application for initiating disciplinary and other proceedings in cases where irregularities have been established. Within the jurisdiction of the Unit, the processing of administrative cases formed for the purpose of registering in the real estate cadastre and the utility cadastre, in cases in which the competent organizational unit of the RGA in whose territory the immovable property is located or the civil servant in charge of processing a specific case, according to the urgency, that is, the instruction given for the efficient and prompt resolution of the administrative matter.