Realization of Initial Mission for Improvement of Investment Environment Project

Establishment of National Register of Investment Locations was the subject of the first, initial mission with experts from Lantmäteriet in Republic Geodetic Authority, in period from April 1 to April 5.

During the initial meetings, held last week, RGA team and Lantmäteriet team worked on establishment of investment map models. At the last meeting, it was concluded that all the necessary components were defined  and that the team is fully prepared for further work.

During the visit of both teams to the Swedish Embassy, ​​Embassy representatives stressed that they are satisfied with the reaction of the Lantmateria team after the meetings in the Republic Geodetic Authority and that they will continue to fully support this project.

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National register of investment maps is formed with a goal to improve business environment in Serbia, and is also formed in order to contribute to attainment of the objectives of sustainable development.

Collection of  Brownfield, Greenfield, Grayfield and remaining location for this register will also have a considerable effect upon the restoration of existing industrial capacities in Republic of Serbia.

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Finally, we will have all the information necessary for the investors who want to invest in Serbia in one place.

The Agreement between Republic Geodetic Authority and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – Sida was signed in February of current year and project realization was initiated immediately after the signing.