Students from Slovenia visited the Republic Geodetic Authority

Group of students of the Faculty of Administration of the University of Ljubljana visited the Republic Geodetic Authority with colegues from Faculty of Organisational Sciences of the University of Belgrade.

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During the one-week visit to Belgrade, Sc.D. Nataša Petrović professor on the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, organized attendance on a lecture on the topic of National Spatial Data Infrastructure. The director of the Republic Geodetic Authority Borko Drašković welcomed the attendees, and employees of Republic Geodetic Authority presented the National Infrastructure of Geospatial Data, its significance and current status in Serbia with the interactive participation of students and making parallel with practice in Slovenia.

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In addition, the Metacatalog and Digital Platform were introduced through the interactive presentation of the National Portal geoSrbija. The importance of institutional cooperation, the existence of standards, the building of capacities and opportunities which modern technologies provide, were discussed. The reference to data generated by the community and their users was made. A special emphasis was placed on the protection of personal data as well as on established procedures that increase transparency in the work of state agencies. This was the way, transparency as well as general increase in the quality of services and final products was achieved. In this way, users became an additional element in establishing controlling processes for detecting errors that are not visible from the data itself. After the presentation, the students expressed their desire for the existence of student internships at the international level so they could have a chance to get to know more about the work of the Republic Geodetic Authority, with the emphasis on the enhancement of transparency and the promotion of the importance of geospatial data at both national and international levels.