GIS Forum 2018

The Employees of the Republic Geodetic Authority, Geospatial Information Management, were invited to take part on the “GIS Forum” on May 15th, 2018 and present the content of the Law on NSDI.

The GIS experts from various state, public and private institutions from the country and the region attended „GIS Forum” with the aim of sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas.

The representative of the Geospatial Information Management pointed out the most important parts and articles that the Law on NSDI brings, as well as the positive effects of its implementation on the GIS community.

The presentation of the law enables participants to be informed with the forthcoming activities of the Geospatial Information Management for the establishment and maintenance of the NSDI, as well as about possible models of cooperation between data producers and data users within the NSDI.

The participants expressed great interest for the joint work with the aim of active participation n in the production and usage of spatial data, integrated into a common infrastructure that will result in a number of benefits for the public and private sectors.