Workshop within the SPATIAL project

Representatives of the Geospatial Information Management (GIM) participated in the workshop “Train the Trainers“ organized by the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of the Republic of Macedonia (AREC) within the SPATIAL project (Strengthen Professional Access to Information About Land).

The training was held in the period from 23 to 25 April 2018 in Skopje, in the premises of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, with the aim to exchange experience, capacity building in the area of creating a web service and establishing a knowledge base for the needs of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). The training was attended by representatives of organizations that are part of Macedonia’s NSDI with the goal of transferring knowledge after training to other employees in their organizations. The outcome of the workshop is to improve data exchange between institutions using free software and databases.

In the forthcoming period, numerous workshops and trainings are to be held by the representatives of the Geospatial Information Management (GIM) and participation in this workshop has contributed to the improvement of coaching skills in order to determine the best practices of training and development. GIM employees gained new knowledge in spatial data management and had the opportunity to exchange examples of good practice as well as to learn from leading Netherlands experts about current trends in the field of spatial data.