Тraining for geoportal GeoSrbija

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018. in the premises of the Republic Geodetic Authority, the second training was organized for geoportal geoSrbija for employees in the Sector for Spatial and Urban Planning, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.

Representatives of the Geospatial Information Management (GIM) continue with trainings for employees in public institutions where geospatial data are of importance in carrying out activities within their jurisdiction. The aim of these trainings is the development of a strategic approach in using geospatial data and acquiring new knowledge through learning about the development, the way of functioning and the institutional framework of the NSDI, as well as through acquaintance with the activities on its improvement.

The participants were able to get acquainted with the available datasets and functionalities of the geoportals through practical work and, through concrete examples, to examine the possibilities that its use would bring. The functionality of drawing points, lines, polygons, their stylization and export, then visualization through other services such as Google Earth and QGIS, adding an external WMS service are just some of the functionalities displayed during the training. The user registration process is explained, the necessary conditions for creating account and additional opportunities that the registered access provides. The ways on how to use the available data and backgrounds for the visual display needs an appropriate web service and the benefits of such data exchange were also the subject of this training.

Spatial information, unified in a common infrastructure, provides plenty of opportunities to improve public services, contribute to better planning and decision-making, and reducing costs without allowing duplication or discrepancy in data. The full utilization of available geodata and services, based on which information-based decisions will be made, requires strong commitment of all stakeholders, and the Republic Geodetic Authority will continue to work on enhancing the NSDI cooperation, in the next period through ongoing and planned activities, that still represents the biggest challenge.