Representatives of Guyana Visit Republic Geodetic Authority

Director of the Republic Geodetic Authority Mr. Borko Drašković, together with his team whose main field of activiy is the National Infrustructure of Geospatial Data, receieved the comissioner and the Director of the Commesariait for Land and Public Survey of Guyana Trevor Benn and eight civil servants of the Commissariat.

Along with the Director, the main host of the highly ranked Guyanese delegation from South America, which visited the Republic Geodetic Authority for study purposes, was Darko Vučetić, responsiblae for the development of national geoportal www.geosrbija.rs.

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The representatives of the Commissariat, during their study travel across Europe for the purposes to learn of the examples of good practice, visited Great Britain and Netherlands before Serbia, and after their visit to the RGA they met with the representatives of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome. Expert of World Bank and FAO Rumyana Tonchovska provided support to Guyanese representatives when they expressed their desire to visit Serbia and see personally the results of the Republic Geodetic Authority.

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Commissar Trevor Benn expressed interest for possible future cooperation when he heard the presentation of the RGA representative Darko Vučetić during the annual World Bank conference in Washington. The initial contact between these two institutions was established then, and communication was continued in the following year. First work meetings were held on July 8-9 of 2019 during the study visit to Serbia, and the representatives of both institutions expressed their desire to continue the cooperation.

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The special interest for RGA experience is related to the application of e-Government services and new technologies, ensuring the data from the area of property market, property evaluation and geospatial data for faster and facilitated decision making on all strategic levels.

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Subjects that were discussed during the round table were the services of smart e-government integrated with services and platform that includes: ICT infrastructure, geospatial data, data sharing, and support for civil initiatives. During the meeting it was emphasized that spatial data that are collected in common infrastructure ensure the manifold possibilities for improvement of public services, contribute to better planning and decision making and reduction of costs, not allowing for double sets of data or their inconsistency.

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It was pointed that the key measure for development of infrastructure in electronic government is establishment of basic registers in electronic form and their improvement, in order to ensure the establish, that is, to improve, other dependent registers and evidences in order to establish the system and data access protocols within all authorities that have the responsibility to collect them and use them in during the performance of public responsibilities. The following presentations were held:

  • Law and organization of “National Infrastructure of Spatial Data”;
  • Information system connected to property cadaster;
  • Organization and functioning of “Center for Management of Spatial Data”;
  • Geoportal “Geoserbija” and innovative applications;
  • Address register;
  • E-Window;
  • Property Price Register.

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The participants were informed on the functioning of the RGA, how the systems were established, its main goals, biggest accomplishments but also of the obstacles there were successfully overcome.

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The members of Director and Commissar Trevor Benn’s team that participated in the study visit to Republic Geodetic Authority included the Manager for Sector for Geospatial Data and Land Mapping Mr. Naseem Nasir, Manager for Sector for Information System David Cole, Manager of the Secretariat of the Commissariat for Land and Public Survey of Guyana Durwin Humphrey, Senior Advisor for land administration Linden Gray), Head of Legal Department Tiffanny Castello, Civil Servant in Department for Training of Human Resources Melanie Thomas, Senior Advisor for Development of Information System Tavendra Ojha and Civil Servant for International Cooperation Attached to Ministry of Finance of Guyana Ladeca Grant.

Director of the Commesariait for Land and Public Survey of Guyana Trevor Benn and Manager of the Secretariat of the Commissariat Durwin Humphrey were guests of the morning show “Morning with Sanja,” where they spoke about the visit of the delegation of Republic of Guyana to the Republic Geodetic Authority. You can see the episode on the following link.

RGA organized the touristic tour of Belgrade and its cultural heritage for the representatives of Guyana. You can see more on the visit here.