Online workshop within the project of Improvment of Investment Environment

Within the project of "Improvement of Investment Environment" online workshop was held 07.05.2020.

An online workshop was held on the topic: "Communication in difficult times", related to the component Public Relations and Visibility of the project.

The pilot project of the Local Self-Government Unit appointed at least one representative who works in the Department of Communications at the level of local self-government and who participated in this workshop. The workshop was led by Benny Andersson, Expert in Public Relations and Marketing Communication, Lantmäteriet, Kingdom of Sweden.

The idea for the formation of the workshop came from the appearance of the Covid-19 virus, which spread around the world. At the beginning of the workshop, Benny Andersson presented how municipalities in the Kingdom of Sweden communicate during a pandemic. Afterwards, local government representatives discussed and commented on how their local governments communicated and advised the population on measures and activities during the pandemic. Examples of best practice, support to the population and the economy were described.

At the end of the workshop, the representatives of local self-government agreed that they have adapted to the new way of communicating via the Internet in a short time, accepted new channels of communication, but that in the future we should consider improvements that can be achieved by modern technologies.